SPA Therapies

A Selection of Touch, Spa, Body and Skin Care Therapies


We encourage all clients to take advantage of our Sauna. The benefits to be gained by enjoying a Sauna session prior to most treatments are immense. The heat prepares the body for the break down and elimination of toxic elements by increasing the body’s metabolism leaving your body supple and toned.

Steam Room

Guests are spoiled for choice at Stillness Spa as the Spa is also home to a beautiful steam room. The benefits of steam room use differ to that of a sauna because of the type of heat used. All spa and hotel guests are encouraged to try both. In addition to the benefit of stress reduction, use of a steam room can improve circulation, promote skin health and loosen stiff joints.

Touch Therapies

With today’s pace of life becoming increasingly demanding and stressful, many of us are seeking a sanctuary into which we can escape. Although touch therapy and massage have been around for centuries, never before has the quest for wellness and harmony been so important.

Spa Body Therapy

For centuries Spa Body Therapy treatments have been embraced for their revitalising and therapeutic effects. From ancient mineral hot springs to modern seaweed wraps, these treatments detoxify the body, de-stress the mind and revitalise the skin.

Skin Care Therapy

Our skincare therapists are highly qualified and trained to provide the utmost benefits with treatments focused on achieving optimum skin health. All our treatments begin with a thorough consultation to assess your individual concerns and ensure the most appropriate therapy.

The Stillness Treatment Packages

A collection of Spa Therapies specifically tailored to enjoy the best of what Stillness Spa has to offer.

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